Midway Hosting

700MB Storage Space

2GB Monthly Traffic

20 Email Accounts

2 MySQL Databases

2 Sub Domains

2 FTP Accounts

Progressive Hosting

1GB Storage Space

5GB Monthly Traffic

30 Email Accounts

3 MySQL Databases

3 Sub Domains

3 FTP Accounts

Business Hosting

4GB Storage Space

Unlimited Traffic

100 Email Accounts

7 MySQL Databases

7 Sub Domains

7 FTP Accounts

Business Plus Hosting

8GB Storage Space

Unlimited Traffic

250 Email Accounts

10 MySQL Databases

10 Sub Domains

10 FTP Accounts

Professional 20 Hosting

20GB Storage Space

Unlimited Traffic

500 Email Accounts

15 MySQL Databases

15 Sub Domains

15 FTP Accounts

Professional 40 Hosting

40GB Storage Space

Unlimited Traffic

1000 Email Accounts

20 MySQL Databases

20 Sub Domains

20 FTP Accounts

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