Data Capped Business Use

Data 20GB 40GB 100GB 150GB 200GB 300GB 400GB 600GB 800GB 1000GB 1400GB 2000GB 3000GB
Price/m R48.75 R98.75 R173.75 R248.75 R361.25 R523.75 R698.75 R1048.75 R1373.75 R1686.25 R2248.75 R3373.75 R4498.75

All data packages come with 1000GB night time usage (12 in the evening till 6 in the morning).

  • Topup: R12/GB
  • There is no prorata invoice for capped accounts. The full amount will be charged from any day of the month when the service is activated.
  • Payments by Credit Card, EFT, Instant EFT, Stop Order, Direct Deposit or Debit Order.
  • A full calendar month is needed for the cancellation of this service.

  • These data packages are for ADSL, VDSL and Fibre usage

    Capped vs Uncapped ADSL

    Capped ADSL

    You will get a set amount of data for the month; once this has been used you will need to purchase more. The amount of data will be determined by the package you buy.

    This is great for low usage users who are sending emails, checking social media and even for gamers, perfect for home use, where your data usage can be easily monitored. Capped ADSL is unshaped and is given higher priority on the network meaning the Internet will be faster.

    The downside however is that you may be paying a slightly more expensive rate per Gigabyte than you would on Uncapped, and it is not recommended for heavy downloaders.

    Uncapped ADSL

    You are not limited to a set amount of data per month so you can access the Internet 24/7 without worrying about how much data you are using.

    This is great for those who have a fixed budget and don’t want to worry about additional data costs at the end of the month. An uncapped package is ideal for high usage and downloading but not recommended for business use. However, your line speed may vary more often as Uncapped is given the lowest priority on the network.